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What age group is JOYO smart board game suitable for?

It depends on the corresponding game, as each game has a recommended age group of players. jOYO is just a game console with an easy-to-understand interaction method that almost everyone can easily use. At the same time, we are constantly introducing new games, which means that with the JOYO console, you can play more and more JOYO board games for different age groups!

Currently,Nectar is for 10+, Ghost Sweeper for 9+ and the rest of games are for 8+.

Do all games have to be used with JOYO to play?

Yes. To start the game properly, you need to use JOYO console to scan on the game board.

Will water, oil or wear on the surface of game board / token affect JOYO’s recognition?

All games have a protective layer of plastic on the printed surface, if contaminated by a small amount of water and oil, it can be wiped off immediately and will not affect the recognition effect. Due to the protective film, the cards will not wear out easily. However, note that the cards cannot be cleaned with water, so try to keep them away from water and drinks when playing.

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